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Not much I'm afaraid! The most impressive thing this far is the "Pugwall's Summer Soundtrack Album". So far I have no contact for obtaining a copy but I do know that it was released ny Mushroom/Festival Records and has the reference number PT247. I would advise that you ask at your local shop to see if they can order it for you. I am willing to pay wads for a copy so if you see one then let me know!!!!

This is the picture from the cassette cover. Louise sent me a lovely glossy picture of the album cover. The front cover makes a great poster! If you want to download the full size file for making a poster visit my image downloads page. This is the information on the back:


1. Pugwall Summer Instrumental - Orange Organics
2.True Blues - Orange Organics
3. Bad Boys - Marcee Jones
4. Hoochie Coochie - Maurie Feilds
5. Uptown Tokyo - Orange Organics
6. Marmaloid Rap - Emma Snow, Aimee Robertson and the Marmaloidians
7. Mix It Up Pugwall - Andrea Lees
8. Single Word - Orange Organics
9. His Eyes - Orange Organics
10. Pugwall Summer - Darryl Cotton

Side 2

1. Lately - No Justice
2. A Rock And A Roll - Maurie Fields
3. Somebody To Love - Orange Organics
4. Ever Be The Same - Rebecca Blomberg
5. It's Alright - Orange Organics
6. Baby Let's Dance - Simone Robertson
7. The Things People Do (Environment Song) - Orange Organics
8. Pugwall Summer - Darryl Cotton
9. Party Song - Orange Organics

I have also got the rest of the text from the sleeve here. Some of it is not very accurate but it's good overview of Pugwall's Summer. Louise Hall provided me with an address and a telephone number of a place in London where I could get the album from. Well the number was out of date (when I tried it was a private number) but the address is:

CYP Productions
Cassettes for young people
346 Lea Bridge Road
E10 7LD

I wrote to this place but had no luck in getting hold of a copy. Good luck to everyone else in their search - if anyone has a copy I will buy!!

The Pugwall Video

There was also a rumour of a Pugwall video going around at one point. This had videos for the songs on the album. If anyone has any more information about this it would be great.

Margaret Clark

Also available are the three books written by
Margaret D. Clark.


Pugwall's Summer

Hold My Hand Or Else

Two possible addresses for getting hold of these books are:

Penguin Books Australia Ltd
487 Maroondah Highway
PO Box 257
Ringwood, Victoria
or Random House Australia Pty
20 Alfred Street, Milsons Point
Sydney, New South Wales 2061

The web pages are as follows:
Penguin UK. Here you will probably be able to order a copy of the books though I haven't tried yet.

Penguin Australia. Nothing here at the moment though!

Also if you want to go for the big time and try and get those exclusive collectables then you can write to:

LJ Promotions Ltd,
57 Keele Street
Collingwood 3066
Victoria, Australia

Include an IRC (International Reply Coupon) in with the letter to cover costs of return postage (I was a bad boy and didn't).I wrote to them just before Christmas 1996 and heard back from them May 97. Most of the info on this page apart from the lyrics came from LJ Promtions (or Louise Hall more specifically).

Here are the postcards that I got from Louise:

If any of you come accross any places that sell Pugwall or related merchandise then please mail me! Hopefully in the future my good friend Nicolo' Pagnin will have some of the unreleased Pugwall songs ready to send around the world. This will of course depend on the copyright situation.

Thanks to Simon Odell for helping out with some of this information.

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